How it works

Using your set of beautifully designed templates, produce findbride comments compelling P.O.S and marketing materials from anywhere with an internet connection.

  2. 1. Our team of retail designers work with you to create your tailored templates
  3. 2. When you’re happy with them, we build them into Createpose
  4. 3. We give you and others in your business log ins to your online account
  5. 4. You access your templates online in find bride review order to edit, print and display your finished masterpieces
  6. in just a few clicks!

3 easy steps to great looking marketing

1. Create
Create, select or
edit a template
2. Print
Send to your printer
or create a pdf
3. Display
Display instore instantly
it's that easy
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Formats to suit your needs

The sky’s the limit when it comes to formats, as we can produce templates of virtually any size or shape. We love solving problems, so if you’re interested in something specific, get in touch to see if we can help... The answer is probably yes!

Marketing material

  • Shelf edge ticketing
  • Shelf barkers
  • Posters of any size
  • Offer signs
  • Information displays
  • Food counter tickets
  • Tent cards
  • Bottle collars
  • Labels
  • Leaflets
  • Gift vouchers
  • Menus
  • Plus so much more


In the retail environment, graphic messages appear everywhere. Improve your customer journey, and take advantage of the point of decision with compelling P.O.S that will encourage people to buy.

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Extra Features


We can create posters for you that allow you to upload an image. This can be really helpful if you are selling something like plant bulbs or ingredients for a specific recipe.


If you’re creating a large amount of small P.O.S like labels or shelf edge tickets, upload a CSV of all the products you want to print, and Createpose will fill in your templates for you!


Produce labels in any size or shape. We can work with you to create templates that fit your labels perfectly and work well with your label printer.


Add barcodes to your templates using our barcode generator, simply by inputting the EAN number. This is great for things like labels and shelf edge tickets.


Produce a PDF of your completed templates to be sent externally. As Createpose produces vector files, these PDFs could be blown up to the size of a building with no pixelation!


Choose whether you use Createpose individually in each store, or centrally by sending the PDFs or URLs of your finished templates out to each store. Have as many log ins as you like and there are no licensing issues.


We can provide you with perforated paper to fit your templates exactly, meaning that you can save even more time as there’s no need for scissors!


There may be times when you want to create P.O.S for many products at once. We can produce templates with multiple pages that work with the CSV upload function to complete multiple templates for you in one go.

Createpose will give your business an advantage

  • Brand led design
  • Retains brand loyalty and increases brand recognition
  • Saves time and money
  • User friendly template system
  • Gives you total control
  • Create a PDF
  • For use in house or by an external agency
  • Unlimited usage and storage
  • Simple yearly or monthly subscription



We’ll help you effectively communicate with your shoppers and take advantage of the point of decision through great design to turn browsers into buyers.



Because anyone can use Createpose, you can save money by working inhouse and free up external suppliers to focus on larger scale marketing projects. If you have multiple stores, each store can control what and when they produce their P.O.S, meaning less waste and no missing signage.



Because it takes just minutes to produce and print your templates, you avoid the long waits often associated with working with an external supplier. This means you can get ahead of your competition by getting offers and promotions onto the shop floor early.



Because Createpose is web-based, you can access your templates whenever and wherever you are, be it in the office, on the shop floor, at home, or even abroad!



We have a vast amount of experience with the customer journey and try to help you improve this through great P.O.S communications. With great looking P.O.S you can also improve your customers’ shopping experience, making them more likely to come back for more!



By making it so easy and quick to produce your P.O.S, your shop floor staff can spend less time in the back office producing it on clunky Word Processors and more time with customers. They can simply log in, edit a template, print straight onto our perforated paper and have them displayed in minutes.

Subscription Price guide

Straight forward, monthly or yearly subscriptions with no contracts. Simple!

Pay as you grow

For small to medium retail outlets

Pay for the templates you require and expand your template library as and when you need

Bespoke templates designed to reflect your brand

Monday to Friday email support

Introductory training session

2GB storage

£30 per template per month


Suitable for medium and large sized retailers and multi site chains who require a consistent and efficient approach, either locally or centrally.

Comprehensive package with a template library to suit all your POS needs.

Initial consultancy service on your POS effectiveness

Bespoke templates designed to reflect your brand and run in line with your marketing plan at all times.

Dedicated account manager

Priority email and phone support

Tailored training to suit your requirements

1TB storage

Price to suit your individual requirements

All Packages

Pay monthly or annually

10% discount when you pay in advance for 12 months

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Beckworth Emporium

We teamed up with Beckworth Emporium back when they were using Microsoft Word to produce inconsistent and ineffective P.O.S. As an upmarket retail emporium, they saw the importance of improving their instore communications to reflect their provenance, so they came to us!

David Brown, co-owner of Beckworth Emporium, says:

“Createpose is absolutely essential to our day-to-day running at Beckworth. It had an immediate impact on our sales and has brought a high level of professionalism and brand consistency to the store. It’s also saved our staff a huge amount of time so they now spend more time with customer. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough!”

Hambleton Farms

Hambleton Farms is a family-run butcher, delicatessen and pie-maker with shops and concessions located around Leicestershire. They were reliant on external suppliers to design, print and deliver all of their P.O.S material. This was not only expensive but also complicated with their high turnover of new products and offers.

William Nelson, owner of Hambleton Farms, says:

“The Createpose team worked with our design agency to recreate the same professional looking P.O.S. We now have complete power and control over our P.O.S, we have so much flexibility in what we can create and it can all be done quickly and easily from the office computers. Createpose has reduced our marketing costs by 30% and sales are up by over 12.5% in the last year!”

Our Story

We started life as a design agency, specialising in branding and retail interior design. Over the years, our retail clients began asking for more control over their shop floor marketing, because the results we findbride review gave them looked great but weren’t cost effective for them. This was largely down to regular client changes and keeping up with their constantly changing stock, something which often meant it took time for finished designs and wasn’t the best use of our design skills.

There were a number of programmes available to retailers to help them create various shop floor materials themselves, but none had us convinced. Either the interface made your eyes bleed, you were forced to use their ugly templates or had to install clunky software onto each computer you wanted to use, which for some retailers is thousands!

We saw an opportunity and decided to do something about it. A few years ago, we cut back on client work and built Createpose from the ground up, knowing there had to be other retailers and designers that shared find-bride scam ours and our clients’ pain.

Today we have a reached a point where we can help any retailer, big or small, to easily and quickly produce beautiful P.O.S and marketing materials themselves.


Our teams’ retail and branding experience comes from working with many well known brands including:

See how easy it is to use

Createpose has been designed so it’s easy to use. Watch the video to see how to choose a template, create a poster and send it to print.

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Frequently asked questions

We are happy with our existing P.O.S designs. Can Createpose re-create them?

Yes. In most cases we can re-create your existing brand look and P.O.S information.

Can the P.O.S be printed internally across multiple stores?

Yes. The P.O.S can be produced any where there is an Internet connection. Your graphics can be produced in one place and distributed, or individual stores can access or create their own, providing they have access to a printer.

All our marketing is created by an external supplier. Can it be set up for them to use?

Yes. We fit in to how your business functions and are happy to work with you, your marketing teams designers, printers etc.

How many templates can we have?

We can produce as many templates as your business needs. We will tailor them to fit in with your existing displays.

Is there a limit to the size of the template?

No, Createpose produces vector files, these can be produced at any size, from the smallest shelf edge strip as well as A1/ A0 poster promotions, Createpose can do it with ease and with the create a PDF function the files can be printed externally.

Does the user need any design skills?

No, Createpose templates controls the look of your brand, so you will never have the wrong font, format or colour.

Can we add to the templates?

Yes, Createpose will grow with your business, we are happy to create any new templates to meet your needs and with unlimited access the templates will always be there when you need them.

Is Createpose just limited to P.O.S marketing?

No, anything which has a brand format can be created in Createpose, so if you need marketing leaflets, flyers, business cards, gift vouchers or even large format posters and banners we can produce a template for them all.

How long does it take to create and have access to our templates?

We will come and talk to you about your requirements, look closely at your shop floor marketing information and work with you to decide what the best templates are for your business. Our design team take your brand/brand guidelines and create visuals of what your templates will look like. Once you are happy with the solutions, we build them in Createpose for you to use where and when you like. This process takes about 2 weeks.

How long can we trial Createpose for?

You will receive a 14 day free trial with a range of sample templates. If you are happy with the results, we agree a subscription and then provide access to your bespoke templates.

How long is the subscription period?

Your subscription is based on a 12 month period and we will require 3 months notice if you decide Createpose is not for you. Payment can be made monthly or annually and there will be a 10% discount if you sign up for a years subscription in advance.